Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tomatoes Break-out!

I can't believe how big the tomatoes are getting! Of course, I always say that, as if tomato plants might somehow be smaller this year for some reason. Compare the difference between them now and on April 2nd. I'm finding homes for most of them, which is a good thing as the ones I want to keep need potting up real soon! Mr. C. says I need greenhouse #2 to go up.

The hunt for where to put the new raised beds continue. So far, choice #2 weighed in with "Partial Shade". Even worse than choice #1. I tried the SunCalc in bed 2 only to be dismayed with the result "Partial Shade". That was a shocker. But the change in sun angles does cause the amount of sun to change in the yard. That bed is ideal in the winter, very productive with swiss chard and other winter veggies (I was musing that's where the Brussels Sprouts should have been this winter). But I had a hard time last year with corn in that bed. I thought it was a lack of nutrients, but perhaps, I thought wrong. I've also stopped testing as the dark clouds have been hanging over our area. No rain, but not much sun either.

Tomorrow I will try choice #3, weather permitting. I'll also have to try to test bed 2 again to see if it was too cloudy that day. I'm thinking Sunday according to the weather predictions.

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