Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter "Break"

Went up to see Mom for the holiday. Her dogwood trees were really stunning, despite the dark clouds and drizzle. Maybe that made them shine as they were the bright spot in an otherwise dark and damp day. Of course I had to check in with the fruit trees that I planted back in January. Espaliers, showing leaves and looking good. Craigs Crimson cherry, showing leaves and possibly branches, but all lower than the scaffold branches we were hoping would bud out.

Calville Blanc d'hiver, still a stick. Can't say the asparagus is going wild. But there are a few weak sprouts. Mom thinks the bunnies (aka wild jack rabbits) have been nibbling there, but I can't see any indication. I'm hoping it't not me (who probably didn't do enough research on how to plant asparagus) that is to blame. Seems there is a great deal of information on how to plant them that I discovered after I had done the deed.

Also, note to self: don't believe that the peach tree doesn't need horticultural oil in the winter just because it's a new tree and there aren't any that I can see. Poor thing has a good case of peach leaf curl, something I could have prevented.

We talked about what to plant in May in her garden. She said she's enjoying the Swiss Chard and that should be repeated in the fall with some Mustard. I took the tomato plants I gave her back to Elkhorn. She's going on a trip and I don't think the soil is going to be warm enough to plant them outside. So, it'll be easier to watch them at home in the greenhouse.

Keeping Count:
Rain in Elkhorn over the weekend was 1/2-inch.

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