Sunday, April 02, 2006

Tomatoes, Finished!

Final count of this year's Tomato Monster participants is 124 plants and 37 varieties. Only a few didn't sprout and I lost the only Dagma's Perfection to a potting accident (smashed the poor bugger when I dropped the tray, alas). The "no shows" were Purple Calabash (an heirloom that was grown by Thomas Jefferson at one point), Ananas Noir, and Green Giant. I'll have to try them some other time.

Fortunately, quite a few of these will be adopted out by friends and family. But I'm excited to go forward with 37 varieties. I think I'm going to have to come up with some new ways to keep the plants warm, but I'm hopeful that many will be okay with the coastal temperatures.

Next bit of news is that the assumed-apricot has fruit on it. I was looking at a flock of itty-bitty birds (I can't seem to identify them) when I noticed some fuzzy lumps on a branch. Upon closer inspection, I could see lots of fuzzy lumps and a few were even an inch long. Hurrah! I may get apricots! I suspected that the lack of fruit was because there wasn't a pollinator, and I think I guessed right. I'm very pleased that the 4 in one pluot I've introduced to the garden must have been the key. I wasn't completely sure it would pollinate the apricot, but it seems to have worked out. My next step, if this hadn't succeded, was to plant a self fruitful apricot and see what happened, but I'm glad that I can choose whether or not I want another apricot tree.

Other exciting news is that Mom's "stick" (Calville Blanc d'Hiver) is budding out and showing signs of life. We are still holding our breath on the Lapin cherries, but my tree and Mom's tree are showing some swelling buds. Keeping our fingers crossed.

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