Thursday, April 13, 2006

Angela Bares All

Angela's Northern California Garden Blog where she dares to bare all. I applaud her, and I know how hard it can be to be truthful in our gardening. Currently, the garden club that I belong to has a monthly "show off your best blooming plant". Last month, only a couple of our members had posted a picture and the web-master sent an email to remind everyone. I responded "does oxalis count? because with all the wet weather, it's the only thing in bloom that isn't snail eaten." I received a few emails that confirmed that was what was happening in my neighbor's gardens. One member said the snails were so large that they were pounding down the door for more cat food. Another gave her vote to me (and I hadn't even sent a picture). Maybe this month we can have a "who's soggiest" contest.

P.S. She seems to have had some odd bug with back-link and I've reposted this without the back link. It's still a good post.

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