Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sunny break

It was a very nice day. Temperatures over 70's. Too bad I was at work. I guess I have been avoiding the whole rain issue as I didn't take the rain gauge readings for the last couple of days. I just dashed to the car and forgot to look. It's been a total of 1/2-inch for the last couple of days. The weather report says there's another system moving in, but not much chance for rain. I made sure the tomatoes were watered and checked some of the cuttings. I seem to have been successful with the Mimulus 'Jack', the mallow, and leonotis. So I potted them up quickly before sunset. I usually don't have much success with cuttings in vermiculite with hormones. My prefered method is cuttings into water. I really like my incubator. I have a small one modelled off something I read on a web site. If I can find the propagator description, I'll post it.

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