Tuesday, April 11, 2006

signs that are telling you that you need to clean out the shed

While looking for something else, you come across another garden tool, that illicits the remark "I wondered where I had put that!" This happened on Sunday, when I was looking around for a weeder and found my triangular-frame weed whip instead. Which was fortuitous as I wanted to take some of the weeds down, but couldn't get to my electric string trimmer as Mr. C. had moved his new motorbike into the garage in front of it. Anyway, I find it very pleasant to work the weed whip, although the surplus oxygen can really mess with your head. If you haven't tried working a manual weed whip, it's a bit like practicing your golf swing by beheading dandelions. Unlike a golf swing, I tend to swing it back and forth.

swiff, swiff, swiff, swiff
"hey I wonder if this really does improve your golf swing?"
swiff, swiff, swiff, swiff
"ha ha, off with their heads!"
swiff, swiff, swiff, swiff
"left, swing left, that's the newly planted blackberries!"
swiff, swiff, swiff, swiff
"oh look, my transplanting trowel"
swiff, swiff, swiff, swiff

Well, it's a start. I think Mr. C thought I'd gone completely mad.

"Hey Percy, you know we have a string trimmer for that job?"

Yes, but it tends to be a chore, especially the gas powered ones. In fact, we have by far too many string trimmers, I prefer my electric one, but Mr. C. has 5 others all gas powered. All the noise and noxious fumes, you can't breathe and the neighbors can't wait until you finish. But a weed whip causes a mild euphoria partly because the wild grasses are at a more reasonable height and you've gotten a great aerobic workout after being couped up after many days of rainy weather.

Keeping Count:
1/8-inch rain from yesterday. More on the way.

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