Saturday, April 01, 2006

Garden Mistakes or April Fool's jokes I play on myself

I just noticed this "note to self" in my other garden journal:
"Remember not to plant turnips next to the rutabegas."
This is because the plants are too similar to tell one from the other. The little row marker I set out (wood tongue depresser) happily composted itself right there in the row and my effort to harvest a few turnip greens to add to a stew or stir fry were quickly thwarted. And I couldn't find any reference material to see if rutabega (or as Mr. C calls them "swedes") greens are edible. I am leary just because I know how many greens are not edible - i.e. potato, rhubarb, etc.

So my next "note to self" is "Remember not to plant the leeks near the elephant garlic". I thought I could tell the difference. I mean, elephant garlic has these slightly destinguishable ridges if you run your fingers along the leaves, while leeks are smooth. But what I noticed recently is that leeks, once they are a bit bigger, seem to be getting these same ridges. Great. Now which are which?

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