Friday, January 20, 2006

Here, Madame, is your stick. That'll be $20, please.

This isn't much of a photo, but if you have ever purchased a bare root tree, you know that this is all you might get. And then, you have to prune it. Not a task for the weak of heart. I know, because last year, I pruned all 4 trees that we planted. I would have to sit down and rest in the sun, after pruning what already looked like a butcher job, down to the 3 to 5 best scaffold branches.

Here's a photo of the 6 in 1 pear tree.

It's worth the extra money to have the basic espalier form already started. My Pink Pearl apple had the shape naturally and I've just had to encourage it. Winter pruning young fruit trees can be harrowing. But take heart, here's what the Donut Peach looks like this year:

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