Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sad story

This is a picture from the Watsonville garden of the broccoli before the sparrows made it into a salad bar. I'll be back in the Watsonville garden on Saturday, I may have to post a current picture. I had some great hope for this bed. But I may end up sending the plants to the compost heap and starting over.

I'm wondering if I put a bird feeder up, if they will lose interest in the brassicas. We had the same problem last year, and we ended up making cages over the beds. I have found the damage from birds pecking at the fruits have been reduced once I added more bird baths and water sources in my garden. They do lose interest in the plants in the spring and summer, so I'm thinking that giving them another food source might help. Then it could be a seasonal craving. I've seen the birds at my place change their eating habits depending on the season. It would be an interesting experiment. Posted by Picasa

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