Thursday, January 19, 2006

Last weekend

Precipitation 1/8-inch. Seemed like it should have been more than
that. But I wonder if the rain doesn't come down straight, does it
actually get measured accurately in my rain gauge?

Trees are still taking up the center of my attention. I was at San Lorenzo
last Friday, picking up Mom's trees. I got to chatting with one of the
folks there, Larry. We are both big fans of blueberries and I was asking
him what varieties would work best in the Sacramento area. Also, he
recognized me from another time I was cruising around the nursery, asking
stupid questions about this and that. Anyway, after he carried the trees
to the truck, we shook hands and exchanged names.

My plan was to go to Mom's on Saturday. Spur of the moment plans, but it
seemed like it would work out for the best as I had Monday off. I also
planned to sleep in a bit on Saturday. About 9am, I was just rolling out
of bed when the phone rang:
"Hi, I'm from San Lorenzo Garden Center"
"Good Morning, Larry!"
"Yup. How's things?"
"Well, your pluot is now here."

Much more time with Larry and people may begin to talk (ha ha). My husband
certainly shot me a strange look.

Drove to Sacramento in the blustery rain of the weekend. Not fun driving
at all. I diverted to Capital Nursery before going to Mom's as they had
the 6 in 1 pear that I wanted. San Lorenzo couldn't get one for me,
although they tried hard, and since the 6 in 1 apple wasn't in on Friday, I
picked one up from Capital at that time. And I couldn't resist the purple
asparagus. Four trees in the back of the jimmy, 2 blueberry bushes, 10
asparagus roots, and 4 rhubarb roots and I rolled in at sunset. Mom and I
went out for a bit of sushi and then went to bed early. Big day of
planting, Sunday.

Swiss Chard from Mom's garden:

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