Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Why dream of squashes? Firstly, I have lots of unused space in the back. It's in a nice sunny area, and underutilized. I am currently eating some of the frankensquashes from the Watsonville garden. They look like pumpkins but the flesh is like spaghetti squash. An obvious cross, and why I won't grow anymore "surprise" squash. They are making nice pilaf, but I'd like more variety. I had a co-worker rave about delicata squash enough for me to try one from the grocery store. And it was delicious. Butternut is my absolute favorite, especially since I grew some of my own the first year I was here. But not enough to get through the winter. I wonder if I can grow that many. And I end up buying kabocha from the store as well and would like to try it at home.

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