Monday, January 02, 2006

Still soggy today

We've had 1 and 3/8ths inch of rain since yesterday and lots of wind. Power outages, internet outages (I'm on a radio link direct to Moss Landing) have been playing havoc. I observed lots of limbs and trees down on my way in to work. Although the usual pond by the power station wasn't there. I didn't see if the tide was out. I'm wondering if that may have an influence.

The nice thing was the weather at least held off on Friday. That was my day off instead of Monday. I was able to clear out bed 3 and add some leeks to the already growing Walla Walla onions. Now according to The Onionman, Walla Walla are long day variety. So I suppose, I won't be seeing much bulb action from these onions, even though I picked them up from my local nursery. We'll see. And if it clears a little tomorrow, I'm going to chance setting out some carrot seeds. The few I started in October are cute, but not growing fast. I added more vermicompost around them, wondering if the sandy soil I'm saddled with is devoid of nutrients again. I want to get a quick soil test done by next weekend, I hope. But I didn't get to clean out bed 1 and I have some transplants to complete. They are a few Baccharis plants that volunteered, and I use them as anchors for new beds. The gophers show no interest in them and they are the best adapted to this garden. I also appreciate that they are green year round without water. But if they perish, I'm sure to find more volunteers around the yard.

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