Monday, January 09, 2006

Ahhh..... Not too late.

But nearly. I stopped by the Nursery to inqure about the trees and to reserve the trees for Mom if I needed to. I needed to. They hadn't been out for the weekend, so there were still the selections that I was interested in. Okay, I'm sounding really neurotic. But sometimes I think my easy-going nature drops me in the poo and then I get upset. For example, it turns out my Golden Dorsett apple tree wasn't on the shipment. sigh..... And I special ordered it too, months ago. But San Lorenzo are troopers, and they called the grower and now have 5 coming in with one especially for me. Slight delay but no disaster like last year.

Last year, I knew that Mom wanted apricots (Royal Blenheim) and a couple of peaches. So I had the bright idea of special ordering them at one of my favorite nurseries and giving her a "it's coming in January" gift. Then, the trees aren't ordered by the nursery and I am rushing all over Santa Cruz and Monterey county looking for the varieties we picked out at the summer fruit tasting. I don't know if I was more frantic or mad. But Alladin and San Lorenzo gardens saved me.

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