Sunday, January 08, 2006

Time for my garden

Soil temperature was 48 degrees F. Still a little cool for planting, but I boldly tried some beets and carrot seeds in bed 3. There were hollyhock "volunteers" in the Watsonville garden and I thought I'd try sprouting some of my own. However, they are in the greenhouse for now. I also harvested worm bin 3. I can't remember when I harvested bin 1, but it was sometime in the summer. (And this is why my garden journal is now a blog- it's easier for me to keep track.) I didn't complete the job, so I tossed the remains into bin 2 for later. So far, I have a 5 gal. bucket of vermicompost ready to go. I think I will get at least 2 more buckets, perhaps 3. I am very glad of this as last year my compost work wasn't yielding very sastisfying results. I realized then if I am going to reach my goal of 3 five gallon buckets per planting, I had to increase the volume of the compost. So I created two more worm bins and started up a three bin system for other garden scraps. The bin system still needs more tweaking. I harvested a 5 gal. bucket last week, and I think it will produce 1 more, but I'd really like to get it to be a hot compost pile instead of a cold compost pile. I also need to change the actual bins to a larger size so the pile becomes hot. It also needs to be easier to turn. In due time I guess.

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