Monday, January 23, 2006

First Daffodil 2006

It was trying to open yesterday, but is fully open today. I'm always
amazed at this little wooden planter box. I planted it when I lived in
Capitola in 1995. And I have added potting soil /compost and I will poke
in the occasional left over bulb, but I really haven't done much else to
it. I moved it to Aptos with me and it would bloom each spring. Now it's
here in Elkhorn and has bloomed quite regularly. As I have been moving
plants about my yard and haven't really decided where I want permanent
daffodil plantings, I've been inspired by this box and have been planting
others that I move here and there and then push to the back of the yard
when they are dormant. Spring is definitely on it's way.

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