Monday, May 01, 2006

A very fine weekend indeed

Plenty of warm sunshine, oxalis to remove, weeds grass to whack mow (who am I kidding?), beds to water, made me wish for a 3-day weekend. I would have loved to do the same today.

More tomatoes went out the door to willing adoptees. But the greenhouse still feels like it might bust apart at the seams with all the plants. One family friend said her son keeps asking when can they plant the tomatoes? Is it warm enough yet? My question exactly, and the soil thermometer reads 63 degrees today. Nightime temperatures here are getting better. We are starting to leave the windows open all night again. I have the SunCalc running in *yet another* spot. We'll see. I've been delaying the tests with all the overcast weather. Yesterday convinced me to start them up again. It seems that we have gotten back into our summer weather pattern of fog in the morning, burning off by afternoon, with light fog in the evening. Our weatherman must get bored reading that off for 3/4ths of the year. How in the world to you make that same weather report interesting from April until October? No summer cloudbursts, no imminent tornadoes. Just fog and sunshine returning to fog.

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