Monday, May 01, 2006

Found a landing site

Okay, official results from the SunCalc says I have finally found a "new" full sun spot. It's where I tore up the nectarine. I had planned to do something else with the space, but I'm just going to do tomatoes there for now. Next year I'll make the bed I planned. Sometimes you have to bunt.

Tomorrow, I'll do a reading in bed 2 again, I'm assuming the weather will cooperate.

Also, I may write a quick note to the SunCalc folks that they should mention that their device displays the last reading for a few moments before it goes into reading mode (which is signified by 4 LEDs flashing, versus a single LED flashing on the result). I thought my new toy had packed up. I would turn it on and the device would flash the last result. So I figured turn it off and back on again. Same result. Total lack of patience on my part. What do you expect at that early hour?

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