Thursday, May 04, 2006

May can be almost too busy

It's plant sale season again! Saturday & Sunday is the UCSC Farm & Garden Plant Sale, as well as Tour Day (monthly) at Sierra Azul. Then May 12-14th is the Cabrillo Plant Sale. And I'm sure there are others to tempt me. But I'll see how much my pocket book will allow.

I also need to pot up the tomatoes that are mine. Some will go into gallon cans, some into the self watering pots in the greenhouse, and a few will possibly make it into a garden bed or two, depending on how efficient I am. The extras have nearly all found good homes.

I recalculated the sun exposure on bed 2 on Tuesday when we had a bit more sun. The reading came back "partial sun" which is more in line with what I thought. Although, I wonder if the early fog that came in didn't affect the reading once again. So I am looking for tomatoes that bear smaller fruits to put into that bed. Basically we are in our usual summer pattern, so I guess the early fog would be a typical day.

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