Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Went up to see Mom. Sorry, no pictures. I was so busy trying to get all the veggies together, I forgot the digital camera. We planted in 6 tomatoes for her, probably too many, but hopefully she'll enjoy the variety. She's growing 1884, Great White, Yellow Ruffled, Jaffe's Cherry, Julia Child, and Ukranian Heart. I picked up 3 different peppers for her with the hopes she'll also like them - Admiral, Pizza my Heart, and one that I'm forgeting the name of. Sheesh. I purchased a basil variety pack and a six pack of Genovese Basil. She also planted in 3 eggplant, 2 Diamond and one Farmer's Long. The Black Beauty Zucchini that I was trying to sprout was a no show, so I said she'd have to purchase that on her own. There should be plenty of room for beans, salad greens, radishes and maybe green onions.

Looks like the cabbage I planted in the late fall was ready to harvest. I was afraid it had stunted, but it came through like a trooper. The Swiss Chard had bolted while she was away. I think she was surprised with how tall it had become.

I also purchased some flowers to attract beneficials; Zinnia 'Envy', Bachelor Buttons, Seashell cosmos, sunflowers (a burgundy and lemon yellow variety), Liatris, and Angelica stricta 'purpurea'. Looking forward to seeing how well they combine. And I need to tell her to add some marigolds for good measure.

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