Friday, June 02, 2006

Shouting from the rooftop

My husband is the sweetest guy ever (of course that's why I married him). A huge florist bouquet of lovely flowers show up at my office today (every woman's secret dream - please take note guys - because she instantly becomes the envy of every other woman at work - no joke).

I was going to freshen the table flowers this evening, with a new set from the garden. I am really enjoying my own flowers this year, as it's been the first year I've had enough to cut without depleting the "look" of the garden. I can't believe I have dahlias blooming in late May - early June. And I admit that I'll plant an uncuttable flower over a cutting one if it draws beneficial insects. So the flowering spurges are preferred over a rose. But they are green and they have milky sap therefore I don't find them to present much use in a vase. But syriphid flies love them. And my husband asked me, as I tossed the faded flowers into the worm pot last night, what was I trying to hint at? Really, no hint, I just wanted to wash the vase.

We're eight years married and I love him dearly, regardless of the thoughtful flowers.


Moose said...

It's so true. I occasionally see other women getting flowers at work and the green envy monster rises.

Maybe I should send myself some flowers. Write myself a nice note. : )

Sounds like your husband is a very sweet man.

CoastalCAGardener said...

Sending yourself flowers? Sounds like a great idea! I just wouldn't let on to anyone. I would just say "Well, I don't know who sent them. It just says "from a secret admirer".

Then watch them squirm!