Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hello Garden Club

I mentioned at the June garden club meeting that I blog. Well, if you followed the link in my email "newsletter column" (thanks, S! what a nice thing to do & and I'm honored.),

Welcome. :-)

As you can see, I'm going by my initials, so if you like to comment (and please feel free to) just call me C.C., names, are usually not kept in the fore on blogs.

So why do I blog and what do I blog?

I pretty much write here exactly what I would have written in my 98 cent spiral bound notebook. However, in this case, it's open for anyone to read. Really it's just me thinking about plants, what I'm growing, why, how they are doing, what I'm thinking might improve what's growing. Nothing is particularly scintillating or brilliant. In fact I try to be honest in where I am making mistakes, and perhaps learning by them. I write my observations. Sometimes I write bad poetry or reflect on something I've read or heard, but it usually is just about the plants. And I'm afraid I'm prone to poor grammar and bad spelling, so bear with me. I wasn't an English major (or a Botany major either).

Another blogger said it very eloquently, it's an invitation to look over your neighbor's fence(See Angela's post "Why I Love Garden Blogs" that I'm referring to by clicking here). Albeit, you might think it's your "crazy" neighbor's fence. Hey, I was the one that asked if oxalis would be considered for plant of the month & have been known to look and see if a cutting has roots yet by shaking off the potting material. So if you're interested, stop by once in a while and see what nutty thing I'm doing of late. If nothing else, you can give me a hard time about it at the next meeting.

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