Friday, June 09, 2006

I can hardly wait for the weekend.

Mr. C. has all but completed the new terrace. It has the first row of concrete blocks neatly and evenly laid. It's even level! Fantastic! Knew he was the right man for the job.

Anti-gopher grid is down and locked in by second row of blocks.

Weekend assignment: go forth and buy the remaining blocks to bring it to the final level and then fill in with nice soil from local landscape supply place. I see lots of sweating going on this weekend. But the result should be astounding. And I'm hoping the fog that is lying on the coast this morning continues into the weekend. It will certainly cool the temperatures we've been seeing of late. Not much of the usual June gloom like we normally see.

Also want to get some seeds planted (beans, salad greens) and the tomatoes (and other patiently waiting plants) transplanted into their final positions. They desparately need fish emulsion. Many have small tomatoes already formed and growing, largest one I've spotted is on the Kentucky beefsteak.

Roll on Saturday!!

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