Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Not that I'm complaining.....

But I think the weather is messing with my tomato experiment. As I look at the ever growing tomato monster this year, I'm realizing that this is the warmest year we've had since we moved here. The first year I was busy painting the house all summer. But I didn't mind so much as every time I went outside for a break, it was foggy. We had some lovely summer days on the occasion where we would take dinner out to the deck and eat in the glow of the sunset. But these stand out in my mind as they were the occasion and not the rule. Year two was about the same for the summer. I know that I was feeling a bit despondent that the sun would be shining in Scotts Valley or Mountain View during work hours, but as I approached home, I could see the fog looming dark and cold. It makes for a nice cool evening, and I wouldn't trade it for a hot sleepless night in the Bay Area. But I've been keeping these facts in my mind in regards to tomatoes. What can I grow in a fog belt? Year three saw the addition of the greenhouse and a very happy harvest of tomatoes, but not a huge harvest. I wanted big plants grown "in the ground" so they had a more aggressive root system and hopefully a larger harvest.

And of course I'm completely going overboard with the numbers this year (it wasn't my plan, but I'm coping). I think somewhere in my mind, I kept thinking that many of these plants wouldn't fruit. They are proving me wrong (again). I'm still seeing lots of blossom drop, and I need to make some notes as to why I think that is happening and on which plants. I also want to make a complete chart of the varieties.

Like I need more tasks in the garden. ;-)

Oh, before I forget, I picked the first apricot on Monday. Nice if a bit tart. I pulled it because some blinking bird beat me to it. Only 3 more, and it looks like they might be ripe soon. But I keep thinking how cool it is to actually get fruit. Mr. C. suggested planting a second apricot. I just might. I also put "bird scare tape" around the blueberries which are beginning to ripen. I'm hoping to see some for me this year.

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