Monday, July 10, 2006

Updates and Link to the Tomato Monster

I've finally put together a web page listing all the varieties of tomatoes in the monster. I've also decided to copy/steal the idea of putting what's growing in the sidebar here. The link to the monster can be found there. I may make the other veggies listed into links to pictures, but I'll have to see how detailed I want to make this. I apologize sending you off-site to look, fortunately the "back" button is becoming my favorite feature of a browser (it's either that or "open link in new tab" which is my next favorite feature - but enough of the computer ramblings). I'm only an html novice, so I'm afraid the pages are really basic.

Weather has been really foggy. Our usual summer pattern. The fog was so thick this morning I was running my wiper blades all the way to work. Everything was damp. I was wondering if I should have opened the greenhouse at all. But it usually burns off at about noon. But this last weekend, the fog was back in by 6pm on the dot. No matter if we had a couple of hours more daylight, gardening was to be wrapped up and the greenhouse closed. As I am at work on Monday thru Friday, I end up wondering when it burned off, if it did. This evening the ground was still damp from watering yesterday, so I chose to delay for a day. Blossoms are dropping off the tomatoes and I'm assuming this is why. Just not as warm as they would like. But there are a few troopers. I'd really like to have a ripe one soon. Now it's just the waiting game.

Bed 1 is in decline. I am having a hard time deciding what to plant. Maybe just clean it up and make it the first fall bed. I'd like to grow corn, but can't seem to gather the enthusiasm. Decisions, decisions.

Also, when I was out this evening, I noticed a skunk ambling along in the neighbor's garden. He might be the reason one of my half barrels looked as if something was digging in it. I had thought maybe it was a squirrel. I mentioned it to my neighbor with the dogs, as I know it wouldn't be nice to have one of them sprayed. He said it had been rooting through his compost earlier. Hmm...


Christine said...


The tomatoes shown on your "Tomato Monster" page are brilliant! Mine may be ripening sooner but your payoff will be well worth the wait. I've never seen such a wide variety -- very impressive. I'm eager to hear what your favorites are so keep us posted.

CoastalCAGardener said...

I'll be happy to provide some updates.

I just received an email from a friend who adopted one of the many "seedlings" that sprouted. She picked and enjoyed one of the Brazillian Beauty tomatoes. Now I'm a bit jealous.