Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gardening Mistakes

February is a perfect example of this, my very worst gardening mistake:

Complete lack of documentation!!

This is what I had hoped blogging would correct, if I would only get back into the habit of writing things down. I'm still keeping up with the rainfall. I was curious to see if we actually get 13 inches of rain annually. (Somehow I just don't believe it.)

Lack of documentation can leave me stood in front of a bed, scratching my head and wondering "when was the last time I put in fish emulsion and how much?". I spent the last weekend tearing around the house trying to figure out where I put the soil test results from the home kit I procured last year. Not that it was worth documenting as I think I remember that N P and K were neglible. But I really would have liked to know for sure by looking at my non-exhistant notes. I thought for sure I jotted them into the margins or something, but alas, nothing. AndI really need to write in the nitty gritty info, so if there is anyone looking at this blog for some info, documented experiences, or just to laugh at my ineptitude, you will have to bear with some of the dull details.

I'll probably back-track with some of those dull details in the next few posts.

By the way, precipitation was 1/2-inch this morning.

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