Thursday, March 23, 2006

First warm dry day

So the past couple of weeks have been cold. But the tomatoes have been holding up well. I haven't had enough daylight after work to do any more potting up, but I decided to water the sprouts tonight, even with night-time fast approaching.

I felt a little guilty at work all day as I had dashed off without opening the door to the greenhouse. The last few days of the week I've remembered and when I get home, I wondered why I bothered as it is sharply cold and the greenhouse doesn't have any residual warmth for the night. So I head off this morning, forgetting to open the door until I am at least 2/3rds the way to work. But I figure, how warm can it get, even though Pete Giddings was talking about a warming trend for today. At lunch, I stick my head out the door and start to worry that the greenhouse might be getting too warm, and how the little plants were on the verge of needing a drink. Cross fingers and hope all is well. When I arrived home, they seemed to be okay (phew). I need to buy an auto vent for the hatch. Then at least during the spring and fall, I can leave the door closed and feel that some fresh air will get in if it gets too warm. I've also considered a solar fan, but it's a sight more expensive than the vent opener. And it would require cutting a hole in the roof.

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