Friday, March 10, 2006

Keeping Count

I was absolutely amazed at the rain gauge this morning. For all the rain and wind and howling it read 1/4 inch. It rained some yesterday as well, but didn't even make it to the 1/8 inch mark. Maybe the rain gauge isn't very accurate if the rain comes in sideways. I've always wondered about that.

This was an exceptionally cold storm. Snow level dropped to 1000 feet and the "mountains" around the Salinas valley are wearing snowy white mantles. I could see my breath I as left for work. Very unusual for our area, especially in the morning. I've always advised people who want to visit California to come during the off season. October is one of our nicest months. February is also pleasant and potentially more green. Last month was a terrific example as most of the days were warm and breezy. Felt like spring was within reach. But anyone who grows fruit trees here knows it a false spring. March will come in with a howling gale and won't let up until April or so.

I heard someone say that the snow levels will be dropping to 500 feet. And I happened to notice a car in downtown Santa Cruz with snow on his roof and windshield.

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