Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I wish I knew what this plant was

Anyone who gardens regularly gets asked "what's this plant?" I like to try and identify them, if I can, but sometimes it's impossible from a simple description (usually "well it was about a foot tall and had these cute purple flowers) or a photo (mostly because the concentration is on the flower and not the leaf or growth habit). Here is a plant I saw at a winery in Amador County. It was a shrub about 5-6 foot high, and was in the protected area of the winery. I'd say it was a hibiscus but the flowers don't look like a hibiscus. Leave a comment if you know what it is. Thanks.


trey said...

Your right! It is a Hibiscus syriacus, “Rose of Sharon”. I don’t know what variety since there are a number. It’s popular here in The Foothills as it is hardy to the cold. It’s possible to grow it at Lake Tahoe!

CoastalCAGardener said...

Thanks, Trey. I always appreciate the identifying help.