Thursday, April 14, 2011


Do seeds experience fear? I think not, but it's a thought that has recently crossed my mind. I've been struggling with my own fears - fears of beginning, fear of making mistakes because you're a newbie. It's caused some writer's block in a school project. If you have experience in something it's much easier to write about. For me, it's gardening and plants. But when I'm  new to a subject, I'm afraid of making mistakes. There it is. Fear of making mistakes. And as I stared at some of the inactive peat pots, the thought that they're afraid to sprout crossed my mind. A close friend of mine reminded me that
"the first time is always the hardest - in science we call it the energy of activation.  It's a known fact that changing movement takes more energy than sustaining it"
Yang burst - that change in movement that drives the seed to spout or the flower to break bud and flower. But it is the burst in spring that takes us into summer.

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Jeannette said...

An imaginative post...

Christine said...

Hi C.C. Glad to see you back in the blogosphere. I too was away for about a year but I'm hoping to keep on top of the blog a little better this year. Of course I don't have as good an excuse as graduate studies keeping me away. I am familiar with the fear of beginning something new/fear of success concept, however. Better to feel afraid than not feel at all though, right? I wish you continued success in your gardening and educational efforts!