Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lost in my studies

So instead of being in the garden, I've been lost amongst tomes of books. The study of herbs has most of my attention. They're harder to learn than just the vegetables in my garden. And the garden suffers from my inattention. But I find I can only really pay attention to work and my graduate studies.

I miss blogging. And I miss gardening.

Spring has me looking more closely at the herbs, and lately, what catches my attention are seeds.

One of my beds was finally raided and cleared by the gophers. The dahlia in my profile picture is gone. I was out last Sunday trying to decide what to do. I think I'll see which of these herb seeds sprout. Jing jie (Schizonepeta tenuifolia) seems like a possible candidate. Then I'll make the bed a permanent planting, with individual gopher cages.

The gopher invasion had me a bit glum on Vernal Equinox, so I tramped around the edges of the garden looking at my weeds. I have a large amount of chickweed (Stellaria media) and plantain (Plantago lancelolata) growing everywhere. I decided to try and make salve. Added some Salvia apiana and Salvia mellifera leaves which gave the coconut oil a pungent smell. It's not to bad for a first try. But next time, I'll try and remember to have small containers to put it in, ready to go. I spent part of the afternoon madly looking for sampler honey jars to put the finished salve into, so I can share it with some friends and family.

The only other accomplishment was planting catnip on the deck for my cat. He was particularly happy that Spring is finally here. (I think he's getting bored with the dried stuff.)
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Terry said...

Very interesting blog. I am going to come back later when I have more time to check it out further.
By the way I am following you.

I am on a mission to follow 10 blogs a day that interest me. Hopefully they will follow me back.

My Journey With Candida

CoastalCAGardener said...

Hi Terry,
Thanks for the kind words and thoughts. I'll be honest, my blogging days are limited or maybe just non-existent. Took a quick look at your blog. It's quite the fight to deal with Candida. I wish you the best. I'll admit brave souls like you are why my studies have my complete attention.
Best Regards,

ZZ said...

Sometimes I get glum too, about the things that get raided in my garden. Since my garden is a community garden with no fence around it, it's just out there open for anybody to take.

And invasion from the bugs is my other concern. Sometimes I pick a nice juicy strawberry, only to look it over, and find a hole in it.


I love the pictures of the herbs.