Monday, December 08, 2008

Interesting Article

Scientist Says Ancient Technique Cuts Greenhouse Gas

Sounds intriguing. But what makes me wonder is how you heat up the crop biomass to make biochar? Is this some fancy smancy way of saying "gee, composting works"? (Somehow I don't think so.) Ancient technique, eh? So what is it? This article leaves more questions than answers. At first read it seems to say they burn the crop and plow it under. Sounds like a way to put lots of soot in the air. But the article says "under airtight conditions". Okay, so how does it heat up to "charcoal"? Guess it's something to hunt down more information on.

But I say, grow your own organically and compost. Easiest way to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

I should do a little research before I post. A google search on biochar rendered plenty of results.
I'm still more in favor of composting. Still looks like too much soot.

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Wes Barton said...

Here's what you should read:
It's only a decade ago that terra preta was proven to be man-made. It sustained an absolutely huge population in what was otherwise a very infertile region.