Monday, November 19, 2007

Taking any bets

So does it take 8 weeks for an amaryllis to bloom or 30 days? Yesterday, I spent the day potting up 22 amaryllis plants with the hopes that they will be ready for a wedding on December 22nd. I always thought 30 days to bloom. But the box said 8 weeks.

Escape from the package and a few are sprouting already.

Yikes. I'm already thinking of contingency plans. I was thinking how they'd make great arrangements for the tables at the reception, but now I'm not so sure. I also have too many, with the hopes that some will be 100% ready to go. Funny thing was I wanted white, but couldn't find anything other than apple blossom. And I didn't really have enough apple blossom to feel sure that there'd be enough for the 7 tables. When I finally found a store that had more apple blossom, they also had white. And they were less expensive than the first batch I purchased, so I went a bit overboard. Now I have whites and apple blossom. Maybe if they aren't in bloom, I can combine 2 bulbs with white pansies or some such at the base and dress them up that way. I don't know. You believe that you can do something less pricey than the florist, but I'm beginning to wonder.

Coconut coir that came with the packets, soaking in water.
Much easier to work with than dessicated potting soil.

Reconstituted coconut coir going into the pots.

All the "Dazzler" whites potted up
And to think the bride is nervous......

First picture in the greenhouse - Day 1


LoveAppleFarm said...

The Amaryllis experiment will be interesting to follow. Really hope you hit your deadline. Do you think the greenhouse helps you grow better Amaryllis? Is it heated at all? I wonder if that would help them grow faster?

C.C. said...

It's not heated. And the only benefit is that my husband isn't grousing at me for having plant sprouts all over the house in the spring. (Or 22 amaryllis growing at the holidays).

The heat mat might be put into use.