Thursday, April 12, 2007


What a dry year it's been. Especially when last year we Californians were all moaning about whether or not the rainy season would ever end. I've heard that Santa Cruz is talking about water restrictions.

February we saw about 3 inches of rain, March only 5/8-inch. And yesterday we only saw 3/8-inch. There's more in the forecast for Saturday, but I'm already watering the garden. It has felt odd, seeing that many times, I don't start watering until April.

So, I guess I'll be glad to see more rain Saturday, except I've made all these plans, like checking out the Dahlia Club sale. Oh well.


Angela said...

Gorgeous columbine... drooling. Is it a McKana hybrid?

We've finally gotten some rain in Carmichael (east of Sacto), but I'm guessing we're still under normal.

CoastalCAGardener said...

Yes, it is a McKana hybrid. I was so pleased with this picture (even though there was some major maneuvering in order to capture it).