Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oh no. Not again.

I've started this year's tomatoes. I'm only planting those seeds that succeeded last year. So many didn't make it. The ones that did, I preserved the seeds, even if I didn't like the variety or it didn't produce many tomatoes. Tomatoes that made the list:

1884 (raised in the greenhouse)
Anais Noir (also raised in the greenhouse)
Beauty Lottringa
Black Plum
Cherokee Purple
Cream Sausage
Florida Pink (raised in the greenhouse)
German Strawberry (greenhouse)
Great White
Heart of Compassion
Jaffe's Cherry
Japanese Oxheart
Jersey Devil
Kentucky Beefsteak
Northern Lights
Roma Pompeii
Peche Jaune
Silvery Fir Tree
Sunset Red
Ukranian Heart
Ukranian Pink Pear
Orange Russian

(If you've reached this page by google search and wonder why I'm only listing these varieties, please read my post "Garden Mistake Confessions". Then you can try to find specific varieties if you wish.)

But on the other side of the greenhouse I was surprised to see this:

The German Strawberry, the Anais Noir, and the Ukranian Pink Pear have all sprouted from what I thought was a dead stump. And the German Strawberry has been busy this winter. I found a couple of rotten tomatoes from the freeze. If I had noticed them sooner, they would have been eaten. Too bad.


Angela said...

Whoa, that's a lot of tomatoes!

Quick question... is Roma 'Pompeii' improved in some manner over 'Roma'? If so, how?

This is an exciting time of year... so much potential. ;-)

CoastalCAGardener said...

Hi Angela!

Happy Spring!

I assume that the variety came from Renees seeds or she's the one selling them commercially. At any rate, I've only heard about Pompeii from Renee's and from Love Apple farms. Since they come from "around here" - Renee Shepherd grows not far from Elkhorn (in Felton) and the tomato did very well for being in a cool coastal area. It bore about 4 lbs of fruit, which is more than I expected for a roma around here. They were tasty tomatoes, were firm and cooked really well.

Anonymous said...

Lemon Boy (hybrid - gasp!) does quite well in cooler areas. Here in MV it produces into Dec/Jan.

I have extra Yellow Zebra, which also went quite late, if you'd like to try. Way yummy, plum sized, dense fruit with tropical flavors. I wouldn't mind a Cream Sausage, either, if you have extra and make it up here. Ooh, you need a Brown Cherry, too. Most beautiful tomato ever and has a pronounced blackberry note. Way yummy and also continued producing late.