Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tomato Sauce from Anais Noir

So, I thought I would post a couple of pictures of what sort of sauce an Anais Noir makes. The tomato is classed as a bi-color and the only way to tell that it's ripe is to turn it over and see if the bottom is starting to turn red. And from my previous post, it makes a great sliced tomato. But I've always mixed the bi-colors with red tomatoes and I've always come up with red sauce. So here's what they look like after going through the tomato press.

Now, they do turn a bit redder under heat, but the sauce stays mostly green, which wouldn't matter in a sauce that has lots of spice, like curry, or my favorite chili mac. Or there are other recipes that the color wouldn't matter because Then you wouldn't see the green at all.


Angela said...

Yum! You could use a red-colored pasta (beet juice?) for contrast if you wanted.

Looks delish!

C.C. said...

Actually, that's a very original and clever idea. Might have to try that one some time. Just wait for the white tomatoes, they're really interesting!